7 Maternity Leave Out-of-the-Office Messages You'd Want To Save

7 Maternity Leave Out-of-the-Office Messages You'd Want To Save

Pregnant women creating a maternity leave out-of-the-office message

Entering the magical period of
maternity leave is a significant milestone for every mom-to-be. It's a time filled with anticipation, preparation, and, let's be honest, a fair share of well-deserved relaxation. However, one crucial task needs your attention before you can fully immerse yourself in baby bliss: setting up your maternity leave out-of-the-office message.  

This simple act ensures that your professional connections are informed of your temporary absence in a personal and professional manner. Here's how to craft an away message that's just right. But first, let’s identify why this kind of e-mail message matters.

Why Create a Maternity Out-of-the-Office Message?

Creating a maternity leave away message is a thoughtful way to inform your colleagues and clients of your temporary leave. It's a gesture that ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved. Here’s why it’s beneficial:

  • Clarity: Clearly communicate when you’ll be away and when you plan to return.
  • Focus: Allows you to fully immerse in the joy of motherhood, knowing work is taken care of.
  • Continuity: Ensures your responsibilities are managed, maintaining workflow without interruptions.
  • Connection: Keeps your professional relationships warm and informed, showing consideration for their needs while you're away.

How do you craft one, then? Keeping a few key points in mind will guide you through the process.

Understand Your Audience

The first step in writing your message is understanding who it's for. Is it for colleagues, clients, or a broader professional network? Knowing your audience helps create your message's tone and content, making it relevant and engaging for its recipients.

Keep It Simple and Sweet

Your away message doesn't need to be a novel. A brief, to-the-point message that includes the essential details is all you need. State that you're on maternity leave, the expected duration of your absence, and whom to contact in your absence. A sprinkle of personal warmth can transform a standard auto-reply into a message that resonates.

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Your Point of Contact

Including a point of contact is crucial. It reassures your colleagues and clients that their needs won't be ignored in your absence. Make sure to coordinate with the person who will be covering for you, ensuring they're prepared to handle inquiries.

A Personal Touch

Infusing your message with a bit of personal flair makes it more engaging and reflects your personality.  Whether it's a line about how you're excited to meet your new family member or a thank you for their understanding, these small touches make a big difference.

Your Date of Return

Even though it might seem too soon, briefly mentioning your return can be helpful. It sets expectations and reassures your colleagues and clients that you intend to return to your role. Of course, flexibility is key, as plans can change, especially with a new baby.

Maternity Leave Out-of-the-Office Message Examples

Here are different maternity e-mail examples you can use during your break to let people know you're out and when you'll be back.

Example 1: The Warm Welcome


I'm on a beautiful maternity leave journey - welcoming our newest family member! I’ll be away from [start date] until [end date].

For urgent matters, please contact [Colleague's Name] at [Colleague's Email] or [Phone Number]. I'm excited to share stories upon my return. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Best wishes,
[Your Name]

Example 2: The Informative Professional

Dear [Recipient],

Thank you for your email. I am on maternity leave from [start date] and plan to return around [end date].

During my absence, [Colleague's Name] will be overseeing my responsibilities. They can be reached at [Colleague's Email] or [Phone Number].

I appreciate your understanding and look forward to reconnecting when I return.

Kind regards,
[Your Name]

Example 3: The Brief and Sweet

Hi There!

I'm off maternity leave until
[return date] and won't check emails. For help, please reach out to [Colleague's Name] at [Colleague's Email]. Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!

[Your Name]

Example 4: The Personal Note


As I step into this exciting new chapter of becoming a mom, I'll be on maternity leave until
[return date].

I'm looking forward to spending time with our newest addition. I will be out of the office, fully embracing this special time. For any urgent needs, [Colleague's Name] ([Colleague's Email]) is your go-to person.

Your understanding means the world to me, and I can't wait to catch up on my return.

[Your Name]

Example 5: The Grateful Professional

Dear All,

I’m stepping away from my desk and into the role of a new mom, as I’m on maternity leave until [return date].

I'm deeply grateful for your support and understanding during this significant life event. Should you need assistance in my absence, please don’t hesitate to contact [Colleague's Name] at [Colleague's Email] or [Phone Number].

I look forward to reconnecting with you upon my return, and I will have many new stories and experiences to share.

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

With gratitude,
[Your Name]

Example 6: The Cheerful Update


I’m off on an adventure, but not the kind I usually take. I’m on maternity leave until [return date], embracing the joys of motherhood and all the cuddles and coos that come with it.

While I’m away, [Colleague's Name] ([Colleague's Email] or [Phone Number]) will be your superhero, handling my duties with the same passion and dedication. I’m looking forward to catching up and sharing all the adorable baby stories when I’m back.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this magical time!

Take care and talk soon,
[Your Name]

Example 7: The Simple Sign-Off


I’m currently on maternity leave until [return date] and will not be checking my emails during this time.

For immediate assistance, please contact [Colleague's Name] at [Colleague's Email] or [Phone Number].

Thank you for your understanding. Looking forward to connecting with you once I’m back!

[Your Name]

Each of these examples provides a different tone and level of detail, allowing you to choose or adapt one that best suits your personality and professional context.

Here's To You Mama, 

Setting up your maternity leave out-of-the-office message email is a simple yet important task. With the sample e-mails above, you're equipped to craft a message that will leave a positive, lasting impression. Remember, this period is a cherished time in your life for having a wonderful journey ahead. To help you prepare and ensure your comfort during this special time, you might want to check out our Bupsy™ Maternity Pillow!



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