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15+ Summer-Themed Baby Names to Consider

If you’re expecting a summer baby, you might be looking for the perfect name that captures the joy and vibrancy of the season. Summer brings to mind bright skies, warm sands, and a sense of freedom and adventure — qualities that can inspire beautiful names for your little one.

In this post, we at Bupsy, will share some unique summer baby names for boys and girls born during this sunny season. These names carry the warmth and brightness of summer itself!

Why Choose a Summer-Themed Name?

For many, summer brings back cherished memories of golden sunshine, laughter under the clear blue skies, and adventures in the warm breezes that sweep through long afternoons.

When your little one arrives with the summer, their name can capture the beauty of this season — a reminder of joy, warmth, and the endless possibilities that each day holds.

As you consider these names, think of how they echo the season's best traits and how they might inspire your child as they grow. A summer-themed name is a wonderful gift of love—bright, bold, and beautifully timeless, just like the season itself.

Let's start checking out these beautiful summer names for your little one!

1. June

June is a quintessential summer name, bringing an image of clear blue skies and blossoming flowers. It's short and sweet, ideal for a little girl born as the world embraces the warmth of the early summer sun. This name has a classic feel, yet it remains fresh and vibrant!

2. Leo

For a boy born in late July or August, Leo is a stellar choice. This name not only references the astrological sign dominated by the sun but also symbolizes strength and courage. Leo is a bold choice for a little one with a bright, fiery spirit.

3. Daisy

Daisy is a cheerful and light-hearted name that mirrors the carefree days of summer. It’s perfect for a summer baby girl, as it brings to mind the wild daisies that dot the meadows and the sunny days spent outdoors. This name is both timeless and playful.

4. River

A gender-neutral option, River captures the essence of summer adventures—think long days spent exploring and playing by a riverbank. It’s a name full of natural beauty and a sense of ongoing journey, perfect for a child with a free-spirited soul.

a baby boy named river


5. Sunny

Could there be a more perfect name for a summer child than Sunny? This name is as bright and joyful as a summer day. It’s a lovely choice for a girl or boy and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who hears it.

6. August

August carries the weight and warmth of the late summer months. This name has a noble air, suitable for both boys and girls, and offers adorable nicknames like Auggie or Gus. It reminds us of late summer afternoons and the soft glow of the setting sun.

7. Marigold

Marigold, with its golden blooms that thrive in the summer sun, is a wonderful name for a summer baby girl. This name is full of color and life, resonating with the vibrancy of summer gardens and the joy of sunny days.

8. Ocean

For parents who feel a deep connection to the sea, Ocean is a profound name choice that speaks of mystery and immense beauty. It’s suitable for all genders and brings to mind a serene expanses of blue that many of us flock to during the summer months.

9. Pearl

A gem of the sea, Pearl is a classic name that has a quiet, understated elegance. Born in the warmth of summer, a little girl named Pearl might be seen as precious and strong, with a spirit that glows softly like the lustrous gem itself.


a baby girl named pearl wearing pink flower crown


10. Sky

Sky is a limitless name, perfect for a boy or girl born under the expansive summer heavens. It’s a name that inspires dreams and adventure, suited to a child with a bright future and a boundless imagination.

11. Lily

Lily is a fresh and beautiful name that feels particularly suited for a summer-born baby. It’s associated with purity and beauty, reminiscent of the serene lilies floating on calm pond waters under the summer sun.

12. Coral

Coral is a stunning choice, reflecting the vibrant underwater ecosystems that thrive during the summer. This name for a girl is both unusual and evocative, suggesting a love for the ocean and its myriad wonders. It’s a name that’s both colorful and strong, ideal for a little one with a sparkling personality.

13. Sol

Derived from the Latin word for sun, Sol is a short, powerful name suitable for a boy or girl. It brings to mind the relentless sunshine of the summer months, perfect for a child with a bright, warm disposition. Sol is a name that’s both modern and timeless, providing a touch of international flair.

a baby boy named sol


14. Aurora

Aurora, meaning "dawn," is a name that conjures images of beautiful, early morning skies—a reminder of summer’s spectacular sunrises. This name is elegant and full of grace, suited for a girl who brings light and joy into your life just as the dawn brings light to the day.

15. Cedar

Cedar, like the resilient and majestic tree, is a strong, earthy name for a boy. It suggests growth and sturdiness, qualities that you might wish for in your child as they navigate the paths of life. This name is deeply rooted in nature and is particularly fitting for families who feel a connection to the great outdoors.

16. Rose

Rose is a classic choice that never goes out of style, particularly fitting for a summer baby girl. The name Rose is synonymous with beauty and elegance, much like the beloved summer bloom. It’s a simple yet profound choice that carries a timeless appeal.

17. Blaze

For a boy born in the fiery heart of summer, Blaze is a bold and vibrant name. It speaks to the brilliance of a midsummer bonfire, lighting up the night with energy and excitement. This name is dynamic and spirited, ideal for a child with a lively and adventurous personality.

18. Brooke

Brooke is a lovely name like a small, babbling summer brook, clear and lively. It’s a refreshing choice for a girl, symbolizing purity and the soothing qualities of flowing water. This name has a gentle yet joyful sound, making it a delightful choice for your daughter.

19. Tansy

Named after the yellow flowering plant that blooms in the summer, Tansy is a unique and earthy name for a girl. It has an old-world charm but feels contemporary enough to stand out in a crowd. Tansy is for families who appreciate the beauty of nature and the quaintness of pastoral life.

20. Zephyr

Zephyr, meaning a gentle breeze, is an ethereal name suitable for a boy or girl born in the breezy, balmy months of summer. This name has a sophisticated sound and a cool presence, perfect for a child with a calm and soothing personality.

What's Your Choice?

Choosing a name for your little one is an important decision, and these summer baby names offer something special for everyone. If you're still undecided, feel free to try this baby name generator for fun!

Embrace the beauty and warmth of the season with a name that your child will carry with pride and joy throughout their life. Do you have baby name in mind? Share it with us here in the comments!

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